About Us

Passionate about start-ups

Our aim is to create long-term value promoting entrepreneurship. We invest in tech-driven companies led by outstanding entrepreneurs and accompany them through the path to success. Always on the lookout for talented entrepreneurs and exceptional businesses! We position ourselves as a glocal VC, working closely with our portfolio companies and helping them growing globally.

Industry and stage agnostic

We are industry and stage agnostic, we believe in talent, devotion and achievement. Start-ups are reshaping how we travel, communicate, eat, pay, learn, and…. live!

Network adds value

We encourage our companies to interact with each other and with our advisors, investors and co-investors. We promote regular summits to facilitate crossbreeding ideas among investors, advisors and entrepreneurs.

Powerfully connected

We are proud of counting with an extremely outstanding advisory committee, which complements our team with expertise across several business areas and knowledge of different industries and technologies. We also work with a group of Venture Partners (exceptional business leaders, entrepreneurs, private investors and tech experts) who contribute to help entrepreneurs win on a deal-by-deal basis alongside our team.

We help entrepreneurs win

Great companies are built by ground-breaking entrepreneurs, not venture capitalists. We enjoy supporting founders and helping them turn their vision and ideas into great businesses. We invest between 100,000 € and 500,000 €, with the possibility to go further, but it’s not just about the money…. we look to get actively involved in many of our companies and help them shape, transform and influence their industries.

Target Sectors

We focus on Digital Business Transformation and the value that start-ups can add by disrupting  or reinventing traditional business models and technologies.

The digital tools and business models which capture our attention are:

  • Mobile Internet
  • Software (Saas)
  • Bid Data
  • Knowledge Automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Advanced Robotics
  • 3D Printing

All these tools may be applied across several industries. Right now we are focused primarily on B2B and B2C, and FinTech (including Insurtech and Proptech), edtech, security, Digital Health and space are top of mind.



Nutrition app where users may find the best diets & nutritionists


Fast growing online veterinary marketplace

Voz Telecom

Cloud services for small and medium size companies and leader in virtual PBX and IP telephony in Spain


Mobile Ad Buying Platform with Proprietary Real Time Bidding Technology


Online vacation rentals platform.
(Sold to Only Apartments)


Search engine for properties to buy or rent that helps users to find the best property across the internet.
(Sold to Mitula Group)

Our Team

Fèlix Arias

Co-Founder & General Partner

Mercè Tell

Co-Founder & General Partner

Alain Arnaud

General Partner

Santiago Pi-Figueras


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By far and away the best way to approach us is through referrals from mutual contacts or someone that we have worked with before as warm introductions help to give us context on the entrepreneur and how best we may be able to help.

However, we are always open to learn on new projects. You may check our agenda to check which events we will shortly be attending or send a direct mail at: avet@avet.ventures




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